Blogging with John Chow

Hello all I hope you had a great new year’s.  Today I wanted to write a quick introductory post about a training program I recently purchased which has helped me tremendously with my blog.  The author of the blog training course is John Chow and in case any of you have not heard of him he runs a very very successful blog called JohnChow.Com/Blog.  John Chow is well known in the blogging community for taking his blog from earning $0.00 to $40,000 per month in just two years.

When I discovered that John Chow was essentially offering a “how to” manual filled with invaluable tips and direction from one of the most experienced and successful bloggers around I couldn’t resist.  His course is called Blogging with John Chow : Blogging Your Way to the Dot Com Lifestyle, and he sells the ecourse for a very affordable one time payment of $37.00.

Blogging with John Chow includes 9 content packed modules, informative videos, and a 30 day action plan to assist you in taking your blog to the next level and providing the keys to unlock the hidden potential in your blog.

Having gone through the material in Blogging with John Chow and in my opinion it offers great value for anyone from the experienced blogger with an established blog presence to the individual wanting to create their first blog.

Next post I will provide a bit more detail on the specific topics covered in Blogging with John Chow.  If this sounds like information you could use to boost your blog be sure to check it out:  Blogging with John Chow.

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