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Hello all, I hope this Wednesday finds you well!  In this post I just wanted to continue where I left off yesterday in my discussion or review of Blogging with John Chow.  As expressed in my last post, now that I have gone through the material contained in the Blogging with John Chow modules, I am very excited to start implementing some of his teachings in order to ensure that I have a high quality blog moving forward.

One aspect that John Chow stressed in this informational product is that your blog needs to focus or center around an area or topic that you are passionate about.  You cannot be too focused on making money with your blog at the outset.  Produce quality content, attract a loyal following and the money will follow.  John Chow’s  common sense approach to blogging really resonated with me and makes a great deal of sense.  A constant theme in Blogging with John Chow is that content is king.  He backs up the “content is king” philosophy with a practical and easy to follow approach on how to produce high quality content on a regular basis, and how to avoid the dreaded writers block when you are running short on new ideas.

Just to give you a bit more insight regarding Mr. Chow’s blogging “how to” manual, his modules include the following:

Module 1: Blogging -Builds Bank Accounts

Module 2:. Launching Your Blog

Module 3: Brand-O-Nomics

Module 4: Content is Duke, Prince, King….

Module 5: List Building

Module 6: Monetizing 101

Module 7: Hunting Down Loyal Readers

Module 8: Optimizing for Google Rankings

Module 9: What’s Happening

John Chow’s “how to” blogging manual also contains a very informative bonus video, and his 30 Action Plan to put it all together for you in a step by step action plan that will get you on your way to creating or developing your blog with the potential to eventually earn a nice income!  Wouldn’t it be great to earn a supplemental or even a full time income doing something that you love and are passionate about?  I can say that Blogging with John Chow has really got me fired up and ready to take action.

If you are also excited and interested to get inside the mind of one of today’s greatest bloggers check out Blogging with John Chow.

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